Seductive Nightfall    Oil on Canvas   24" x 24"
Currently on view with several other new works in Melange 1 at Circle 
Gallery in Annapolis, MD (18 State Circle) through March 14, 2020

Tracy Lambros (American) lives and works in Baltimore and from her studio on Hooper’s Island, Maryland. She holds an MFA in Painting and a BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). After receiving her BFA, she lived in Manhattan for nearly a decade (including a year on a houseboat on the Hudson River) where she worked in photography/advertising. She maintained a studio where she pursued her early creative passions for photography and abstract drawing and exhibited in galleries and alternative venues in NYC. Ms. Lambros also lived in California and her travels throughout that region, especially Big Sur and La Jolla, as well as time spent on the coasts of Maine, Maryland and Virginia inspired her to turn to painting and to return to Maryland for graduate school. Today, the natural beauty surrounding Hooper’s Island—the Chesapeake Bay, Honga River and the Blackwater Refuge—are constant sources of inspiration. While she does not confine herself to one medium or genre her recent works are evocative of nature: land, sea, and sky.

Lambros’ works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo, juried, and invitational shows and are widely collected. Her very successful recent solo exhibition of 42 oil paintings at Gallery Blue Door in Baltimore, MD ended on August 3, 2019.  She was one of 9 artists featured in the 9 for 19 exhibition at First Street Gallery in New York City ending January 25, 2020. Her oil painting Serenity will be on view at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts 2020 Cumberland Valley Artists Exhibition  on view from February 2- April 5, 2020 and new paintings will be featured in the Melange 1 exhibition at Circle Gallery in Annapolis from March 3-14, 2020. Paintings were recently included in When Darkness Falls: Night Explorations at the Kay Daugherty Gallery at Ann Marie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center in Dowell, MD, the Strokes of Genius painting exhibition at Circle Gallery in Annapolis and the Water Works exhibition at Curve Gallery Online where she received the "Juror's Choice Award". Other venues where her works were exhibited include: the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women (China), the Aichi Prefecture Museum (Japan), Angel Orensanz Foundation (NY), Artsphere Gallery (NY), Carriage Barn Art Center (CT), and in Maryland- The Contemporary Museum,  Annapolis Maritime Museum, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Bunting Center/MICA, Circle Gallery, Chaney Gallery at Maryland Hall for the Arts and Strathmore Hall. She was honored with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the installation of one of her early Tangier Island paintings at The Cancer Institute at Saint Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. Her recent painting Marsh-Nocturne was selected for the 2018 publication 50 Forever: Celebrating the Creative at Circle Gallery since 1968.   
Beyond making art she has curated exhibitions and done extensive art consulting for MICA  as well as private and corporate clients. She also enjoys traveling, reading, bike riding, gardening, and advocating/ supporting causes that make the world a less violent and more equitable place to live.      
Throughout my career as an artist I have been fascinated by what resonates from a place: what I feel while there, what I remember when I leave and what stays with me as time passes, and how to translate that through my art.  Sometimes, it is the overwhelming sensations of how a place looks visually- the colors, textures, patterns, the time of day, the quality of light. However, often it is not how a place looks specifically but- that undefinable quality that makes a place stay with you or resonate.
What makes a place penetrate your soul, inhabit your mind, shape your spirit, change you?